A collection of oil paintings featuring cats we’ve known and loved over the years.

"oil painting of Bootsie, portrait of an orange cat, with orange background"
"oil painting of a still life display; white, draped fabric over a table, flowers in vases on either side with apples in the middle. A tuxedo cat has jumped onto the table, fascinated by a butterfly who has landed on the cloth that is hanging over the table"
Still Life Crashers
"oil painting of two cats on a table surrounded by art supplies. One cat is laying on a book and the other is peeking out of a canvas bag"
In the Studio
"oil painting of two kittens playing in front of a backdrop of flowering foliage."
"oil painting of white and orange cat lapping water from a bowl"
Leonardo Drinking
"oil painting of a siamese cat warming herself in a patch of sunlight"
Kitsy Warming
" portrait-style oil painting of orange and white cat with blue eyes looking toward the viewer"

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